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Donating to charities

When I grow up, I really would like to donate to a lot of various charities like my mum does. She’s such an inspiration, I could never be as generous as my mum but I REALLY want to be. Being able to give is a blessing. There’s this charity my mum donates to and they work in India. They set up a base there to help out the local people who are suffering from water shortages, malnutrition, diseases, lack of education and so forth. You have the option to donate to different families there. My mum donates to this family and what I love about the charity is - every month we get a report on their progress (that of the charity AND the family), what the kids have been up to and sometimes, the children send us letters. It’s heart-warming when they keep thanking you. It makes you want to do even more. I love this charity because it puts in that extra effort to let the donators know about what their investment is actually doing. Many charities don’t do that, instead they put up pie charts of general spendings on their websites and some facts to let people know what they’ve achieved. That’s useless to me. It’s so much better when I as a donator, am able to gain a personal insight into what my money is doing. I think that’s a selling point too. I think WWF does that with their dolphin projects – they send pictures and reports on what the overall sums of donations are achieving for the animals. That’s good. My mum donates to several charities including this one and I’m really, really pleased.

Giving is something I want to do. I don’t even need to get credit for it or anything but just knowing that I’m changing someone’s life for the better, saving them from a life-threatening disease makes me feel better. When people say that there are kids out there starving, it isn’t to make you feel bad about yourself but it should help you appreciate what you have in life. That’s the key to happiness.

In the future I want to invest more of my donations in long-term projects such as the building of schools, hospitals, water pumps and wells, businesses for local communities etc. I will be investing less in things like food because I believe those long term things are more effective. There’s this saying ‘‘Give a man a fish and he will live for a day, teach him how to fish and he will live for a life time.” I want to invest more in skills development so that people can learn and improve for themselves. The donation of foods will continue and continue but we can teach people how to harvest, buy them farms, teach them how to grow their own crops etc. Developed countries have the technology to create drought-resistant crops, we can give them those seeds. We can keep sending out aid to treat people but if they had their own hospitals, we could send them hospital equipments, teach them the skills, they would survive independently in their own communities. In the short-run, it would be more expensive to build these infrastructures, but in the long-run the benefits will be more efficient. These are the ideas I have been thinking about and I just had to keep note of them.

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